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Microsoft Train Simulator

Microsoft Train Simulator is one of the first train simulators on the market. It was released in July 2001 and developed by UK based Kuju Entertainment.

Many modifications to the "unplayable" locomotives have been made to make them player-drivable.

These original models were criticized by many people for being inaccurate. However, as with uktrain sim, people started creating and distributing their own models and other content through web sites. New routes, trains, sounds, cab views, and other MSTS accessories are available either as free ware or pay ware from various web sites and companies.

Included with Train Simulator was the Editors & Tools program, which mainly allowed the user to build railroads, or "routes", as they were called in MSTS. Users could also create activities for any route, create custom cab views, or edit the default ones.

The original version contained many bugs.  For example, the "front coupling bug", where the locomotive's front coupler would not work, the "white void bug", where the route scenery disappears, leaving a white void, and the "end-of-the-line bug", where the locomotive, if it crashes through the last buffers on the route, would fall into an empty void.

There are also issues with the signaling and AI dispatching. However, through the work of people in the community, some of these bugs were either removed or avoided by applying "unofficial" patches to the program.  The game is also somewhat unstable with a tendency to crash.

Later, some more stock was added, including: Drivable SD-42 with BNSF Heritage I paint, a Class 50 British Locomotive, new British Passenger Cars, a few new US freight cars, and a US caboose with a special "caboose view".

Version 1.2 also includes a few new activities for the new train equipment.

Microsoft does not publish MSTS1 in the United States anymore. This is done by Atari since 2005, and the game is now distributed in the US by Atari as value software. In the European Union, the game is now distributed by Empire Interactive and Ubisoft. Ubisoft also distributes MSTS1 in small quantities in Australia. The Game is also distributed in Britain by Xplosiv, and can be found for a budget price of $4.99 in many video game retailers. Many people have created new locomotives, rolling stock, and routes for this game. There are also a lot of people who make activities. Activities, in Train Simulator, are realistic runs with traffic and other features. The player might have to set out or pick-up cars, or run an inter-modal train. Routes are another feature of MSTS1, and are like real railway lines.

There are many add-ons for MSTS for free. Add-ons from UKTS or there are also a whole range of pay ware add-ons from European bahn and aerosoft.

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